Top 20 Reasons to Write a Letter

20. You will never find a cheaper way to give someone a gift of such depth and meaning.

19. Research shows that letter writing gives a significant boost to your overall sense of well-being.

18. You will be spreading love and caring in a world that seems increasingly chaotic and disconcerting.

17. Handwritten letters mean so much more to someone than rushing off a quick text. Take the time to show you care. It really is the small stuff that matters most to people.

16. Your letter will give a lift to the recipient. In fact, it could even change a life.

15. Expressing kindness and gratitude are highly underrated. Use a short letter to tell someone that you value the richness they bring to your life. You might be surprised by their response.  

14. Letters record your life stories for future generations. Imagine how we could better understand the past decisions of our relatives if we had more of their letters. Writing letters is for today’s and tomorrow’s generations.

13. Writing a card or letter is not always a one-way street. You might just get a letter in return.

12. A letter probably best represents the essence of who you really are. Let friends and loved ones know you– heart and soul.

11. You matter to people. Share yourself with others in this unique and soulful way.

10. Letter writing in cursive, is like a meditation. Doing both things are guaranteed to slow your mind and clarify your thoughts.

9. Someday, a genealogist may thank you for writing letters instead of texts and emails that will mostly likely be lost to time and cyberspace.

8. Men and women still want love letters!  Please get started soon and make someone’s day/week/year!

7. The world needs all the love we can express. Letters are love. Share them liberally.

6. Using an envelope to share your artistic talents is called “mail art.” Produce beauty. Make your letter carrier and other people smile.

5. Write a letter to a stranger. Leave it on a park bench, on the subway, in a grocery cart. Send supportive and caring words. You may never know what they mean to the person that finds and reads your unique message.

4. Make a card or write a letter for someone who must live in a special residence or caring community like a hospital or nursing home. A simple, personal gift of this kind can mean the world to those who cannot travel or get out to see their loved ones.

3. Write a letter to the future. Place it in a waterproof canister and bury on your property or behind a wall when you are renovating your home. Imagine the excitement and smiles when someone finds your gift decades into the future.

2. Be that person who pens a letter that someone will never forget. Love can fit into an envelope. Try it and see!

#1. Your efforts to write those occasional letters to the people in your life will revive a lost art and ensure that we never forget that it is the slow, personal, and hand-made gifts that are treasured now and into the future. Let’s keep this loving art form alive for today’s special recipients as well as those from future generations.

I hope you will be part of a new movement to bring more heart into our daily interactions with people. Giving something in your own writing allows you to share your heart with someone else in one of the most beautiful ways imaginable. Try it once and see what happens. My guess is that the recipient will be gushing for days over the kind gesture you made. In that sense, you have truly changed the world for the better.