Please Write by Lynne Kolze book cover

Please Write

When I told people that I was writing a book about handwritten letters, some of them could not hide their surprised expressions, probably because handwritten letters seem about as relevant to their lives now as eight-track tapes. Still, and somewhat surprisingly perhaps, many more people had a different reaction—an undeniably positive response. With smiles and delight, these letter enthusiasts happily shared heartfelt experiences related to sending and receiving handwritten letters. They told me deeply personal, sometimes even transformative stories about the impact a certain letter or collection of letters had on their lives. There were stories of changed lives, filled hearts, unforgettable kindnesses, deep passions, even terminated relationships—all because of letters.

With a long exhale and a sense of sadness and resignation, my fellow letter enthusiasts then lamented the end of the “golden age” of handwritten correspondence. Perhaps you, too, have long ago given up on the idea that handwritten letters could be part of your life. If so, I encourage you to look at recent societal trends. There is glimmer of hope on the horizon; younger generations are showing a renewed enthusiasm for handwritten correspondence, and I, for one, am optimistic about the future of handwritten letters.


“In this heartfelt book, Kolze makes a compelling case to slow down and nurture human connections through handwritten letters.”  -Carolyn Porter, author of Marcel’s Letters: A Font and the Search for One Man’s Fate. 

“In her book, Please Write, Lynne Kolze captures the beauty, power, and uniqueness of the handwritten letter. Through her straightforward, down to earth, sometimes personal accounts, she reveals the emotional and timeless impact of this fading form of communication. Each chapter highlights the many faceted ways the handwritten letter touches not only recipient, but the sender. From cover to cover, Ms. Kolze trumpets an art form that needs not only to be maintained, but revitalized and cherished.” -Dennis F. Depcik, author of Wouldn’t It Be Something?

“Having guided people to write their legacy letters for more than 20 years, I thought I knew it all. Not true! What an unexpected pleasure it was to read Lynne’s book. Her palpable passion for writing letters is matched by her intelligent and coherent writing, her fascinating examples, and her interesting historical facts. Whichever kind of handwritten letters you choose to write, know that you are passing forward Lynne’s passion and wisdom. So, sharpen your pencil and start writing!” – Rachael Freed, author of: Your Legacy Matters, Women’s Lives, Women’s Legacies, and The Legacy Writing Workbook for the Busy Woman

“Lynne Kolze’s book has everything you need to know about the history, art, and science of letter writing. It will educate you about letter writing, persuade you that you should write more letters, and, finally, inspire you to find a pen and piece of paper and start writing. The results will change your life.”  -John Kralik, author of A Simple Act of Gratitude and Three Bodies by the River.  

“So very inspiring. Like an intricate wax seal, concealing a wonderful surprise inside.” – Independent Book Review