Some Author Reviews

“In this heartfelt book, Kolze makes a compelling case to slow down and nurture human connections through handwritten letters.” —Carolyn Porter, author of Marcel’s Letters: A Font and the Search for One Man’s Fate

“Having guided people to write legacy letters for more than twenty years, I thought I knew it all. Not true! What an unexpected pleasure it was to read Lynne’s book. Her palpable passion for writing letters is matched by her intelligent and coherent writing, her fascinating examples, and her interesting historical facts. Whichever kind of handwritten letters you choose to write, know that you are passing forward Lynne’s passion and wisdom. So, sharpen your pencil and start writing!” — Rachael Freed, author of Your Legacy Matters; Women’s Lives, Women’s Legacies; and The Legacy Workbook for the Busy Woman

“From cover to cover, Ms. Kolze trumpets an art form that needs not only to be maintained, but revitalized and cherished.”Dennis F. Depcik, author of Wouldn’t It Be Something

“This book has everything you need to know about the history, art, and science of letter writing. It will educate you about letter writing, persuade you that you should write more letters, and, finally, inspire you to find a pen and piece of paper and start writing. The results will change your life.” John Kralik, author of A Simple Act of Gratitude and Three Bodies by the River

Some Reader Reviews

*****Please Write is a thorough look at a fine art form that for many has faded into the past and been overwhelmed by technology. Written with solid knowledge of the topic, a compassionate compliation of anecdotes, and many personal memories, this book will not only fascinate letter writers and enthusiasts. It will encourage many to pick up the pen and write a letter, perhaps for the first time in years. From one avid letter writer to another, thank you, Lynne, for writing this book. – E. J. Hills Orford, Readers’ Favorites

***** Lynne M. Kolze has written a book that demands attention. With references to statistics, Kolze explores the emotional benefits of writing letters or notes and connects it to a decrease in loneliness, depression and disconnection… …The author illustrates the need for handwritten correspondence and declares a call for action to preserve it. Particularly interesting are the author’s sections on Round Robin letters, …creating artwork to accompany a letter, secret messages with postage stamps, legacy letters, messages in a bottle, and letters portrayed in books and  movies. Please Write is a great selection for anyone interested in the history, safeguarding, and benefits of missives and personal correspondence. – C. Turner-Hoyle, Reader’s Favorites

*****So very inspiring. Like an intricate wax seal, concealing a wonderful surprise inside. A winsome, pleasant read that will stick with me as I age and look for ways to connect with my loved ones. —Jadidsa Perez, Independent Book Review

*****Please Write by Lynne M. Kolze showed me the enduring relevance of letter writing and its importance even in today’s world. Kolze believes that handwritten letters offer solace and support during times of tragedy and loss, bridging the gaps, especially with strangers. She presents examples of individuals writing to service members they did not know. This was actually something I looked up after reading the book and there are many organizations that will facilitate this, which is incredible. Heartwarming stories of individuals like Shaka Senghor, an ex-convict who received life-changing letters while incarcerated, harness the healing power of kind, handwritten messages. And remember pen pals? As children, we so looked forward to building and maintaining friendships, and the traditions of pen pals and the concept of round-robin letters live on. I think the most personal part, having recently lost both grandmothers within a year, is the significance of legacy letters in preserving family history and passing on wisdom to future generations. Overall, Please Write is a wonderful collection of ideas, reasons, and a creatively encouraging push to close the laptop and pull out your nicest pen and writing paper. Very highly recommended. —Jamie Michele, Readers’ Choice

*****We live in the digital era, and the world is changing rapidly. But something almost forgotten remains unchanged—handwritten letters and their significance in our lives. Please Write by Lynne M. Kolze speaks about the impact letters can have on us, be it correspondence between long-time friends, love messages, or “angry” mail that can ruin relationships. The book also touches on the history of letter writing and postcard sending and the evolution and development of postal services. Among other topics, the author shares tips concerning preserving important correspondence at home and encourages us to be creative when sending a letter.

Please Write provides a smooth and easy reading experience. Lynne M. Kolze’s writing style is beautiful and derives from her love for writing letters. We can only imagine the courage it took Lynne to work on a book about handwritten letters in the age of email. The author did a tremendous job researching the history of letter writing to offer fascinating fun facts and anecdotes about the skill we tend to forget. From Please Write, I learned about the intriguing language of postage stamps. Also, I liked a story about the heroic carrier pigeon named Cher Ami. I will look at them with different eyes now, thanks to Lynne’s kind words regarding these birds. Please Write is more than just a book about letters. This motivational read reminds us about the value of family, friendship, and tight connection with those we love and appreciate. I highly recommend Please Write to nonfiction and educational literature fans and all lovers of the epistolary genre. – Nino Lobiladze for Readers’ Favorites