Book Clubs

Book Club Questions

Thank you for choosing Please Write for your book club’s current selection. The following questions can serve as a guide for your discussion, or perhaps spark additional questions most relevant to your members. If you would like Lynne to join your book club discussion in the Twin Cities metro area, contact her at [email protected]. Outside the Twin Cities, Lynne can also participate through online platforms.

  1. Do you have a history with handwritten letters? In your experience, what are the pros and cons of communicating with electronic tools (telephone, texts, and emails) vs. handwritten letters?
  2. What are the unique aspects of handwritten letters that make them such an authentic form of communication?
  3. As you were reading this book, what emotions did you experience? Why?
  4. Are there any personal stories you would be willing to share about the ways in which handwritten letters had a positive impact on your life?
  5. Lynne stated that letter writing has been one of her favorite pastimes throughout her life. Do you have a similar hobby or pastime that has brought you great joy? If yes, what is it and do the two hobbies have any similarities?
  6. Have you ever received a love letter? When you think about it, what emotions come up for you? Do you still have the letter(s), and if you do, do you ever reread them?
  7. Please Write includes many facts, stories, and personal anecdotes. Were there any things in the book that surprised you or stood out in some way?
  8. Do you think it is important for older adults to write legacy letters for their loved ones before they die?
  9. Do you possess any old, family letters which helped to shed light on your family’s history or the life of a long-lost relative? Do you believe we should save and preserve old letters for future generations?
  10. Is there value in older generations using letters to stay connected to grandchildren despite the ease and speed of texts and emails?
  11. Should young children be taught how to write letters? Why or why not?
  12. Do you think you might want to make letter writing a practice again, or for the first time?