Winner of Silver Medals for: the 2023 Living Now, the 2023 Midwest Book, the 2024 Independent Publisher, and the 2024 Nautilus Book Awards

Selected as Finalist for the 2023 Best Book and the Chanticleer International Book Awards

Please Write by Lynne Kolze book cover

Please Write is a love letter to the art of letter writing, a meditation on all that’s warm and nostalgic about exchanging letters. For previous generations, a lot of life was lived through letters, and Please Write reminds the reader of this: love letters, letters of gratitude, postcards sent while travelling, and letters which share all the gossip and, sometimes, the bad news.

Letters are a tangible thing we can share, something that can remain when we’re gone, and Kolze reminds us of and celebrates that magical quality. This isn’t a straightforward history of letter-writing (though you will find some of that in its pages), but a reminder of what letters can be.”

–Nicky Walters,