A Year Ago, This Month, My Author Journey Began

A year ago this month, I released my first book, Please Write: Finding Joy and Meaning in the Soulful Art of Handwritten Letters. Prior to this, I spent my life as a public servant in the environmental field, writing mostly technical reports or information about environmental topics for the public. When I left the field, I decided to try to discover more about myself by dabbling in the arts for the first time. First, I took some art lessons and discovered that I could, in fact, draw something more than stick figures. I also took a memoir writing class with 5 other adults and found that I adored their life stories. I got back to writing many more cards and personal letters, something I used…

“Please Write” Receives Silver Medal in Midwest Book Awards for Non-fiction-Inspiration Category. Now Competing for Gold.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Lynne M. Kolze Saint Paul author honored as Midwest Book Awards finalist for title about celebrating and preserving the art of handwritten letters. Saint Paul, MN – April 30, 2024 – Lynne M. Kolze from Saint Paul, MN was recognized in the Non-fiction- Inspiration category of the 34th annual Midwest Book Awards. “Please Write is a celebration of all things that make handwritten letters so impactful, meaningful, delightful, and historically important, including their importance as an art form and as one of the most touching and memorable ways of communicating with others. “Please Write” was written to inspire past letter writers to return to letter writing on occasion, and to acquaint new writers with what they can look forward to if they…

St. Paul Pioneer Press Recommends “Please Write”

“Here’s a gathering of non-fiction for your spring reading pleasure. Treat yourself after working in the garden – and enjoy.” So begins Mary Ann Grossmann’s review of several nonfiction books, including my own, Please Write, in yesterday’s Sunday paper. A friend alerted me to the fact that my book had been reviewed. It came as a surprise – an unexpected pleasure. My intent in writing this book was to bring something positive, enjoyable, and educational to the reader during and post-pandemic. I wanted to inspire people to revisit an old activity, or to begin for the first time. That is, to occasionally send their nearest and dearest friends and relatives a handwritten letter. It seems like such a small act, but the impact can be…

Legacy Letters: Our Written Words Matter

Imagine yourself providing the space, time, and instruction that will allow people you’ve never met before, to write down their most personal and deeply felt life stories for their closest friends and loved ones—stories and lessons that will leave an important legacy for current and future generations. Through my work as a Legacy Letter Workshop Facilitator, I’ve been humbled and happy to be afforded the opportunity to lead groups in this meaningful and soulful activity. Legacy letters are short documents that communicate our life experiences, values, and lessons learned to loved ones. They can be sent to designated recipients either during one’s life or upon one’s death. These letters are usually short – each only a few pages long, but they typically share our deepest…

Please Don’t Wait–Write Legacy Letters Now

When we imagine leaving an inheritance for our loved ones, most of us probably think about the cash, homes, or other material goods we plan to pass along to the next generation. But what if, in addition to the money and other valuables we plan to give, we leave behind a bit of our souls as well? You might wonder how in the world that’s possible. Enter the Legacy Letter, a wonderful, simple tool for sharing autobiographical nuggets, family stories, lessons we learned from our life experiences, apologies, forgiveness, or the love and gratitude we feel for the people we will leave behind.   In a few handwritten pages, legacy letter writers can give one of the greatest gifts of all time, and it costs…

Come Join Me at the Anoka County Book Fair

On Saturday, February 24th, at the Anoka County, MN, Northtown Library, please join us for the 7th annual Featured Local Author Fair. There will be a keynote address by best-selling author Curtis Sittenfeld, starting at 10:15 am, followed by the book fair at 11:00 am. Meet 16 selected local authors and purchase signed copies directly from the authors at this event. Read more about the featured authors here: https://ow.ly/HsJI50Qrjcp. I hope you will stop by my table so we can talk handwritten letters! I will be available to sign books, if you would like me to. It should be a fun event.

No More Excuses, Guys! It’s Time to Write That Love Letter

I had a terrifying thought today—that one day, AI will write our love letters for us. No muss, no fuss, no effort. It already seems as if too few men “do” romance, but will artificial intelligence simply accelerate the trend away from courtship and romance to even more transactional relationships? Will AI simply become the modern-day equivalent of Cyrano de Bergerac, Edmond Rostand’s tragic character, who was obliged to woo his friend’s love interest (Roxane) on his behalf? Call me old-fashioned, but through our inaction, romance is languishing. The world needs more love letters. Did you know that many women wish their partners would bring more romance back into the relationship sphere? That they long for more personal, intimate displays of affection, like receiving love…

Skip the Ugly Sweater. Write a Christmas Card Instead

For many years, the bulk of the mail I received around the holidays came from charities, or stores I rarely, if ever did buisness with. Like all environmentally conscious people, I did my best to request that the offending businesses no longer send me voluminous mailings. However, my attempts to “wrangle the beast” felt more like “whack a mole” than anything else.  The catalogs seemed to breed like rabbits, and I never seemed to get ahead of it. It is true that junk mail is, indeed, a sad waste of natural resources. Much of it was never requested by the recipient in the first place and therefore, is never read. So, off to the landfill or (if we were lucky) the recycling bin it goes….

“Please Write” a Chanticleer Book Award Short-Lister

The next list of the Hearten Awards for Inspiring and Uplifting Nonfiction is here, and I am happy to say that I made the next cut. I am officially a “Short-Lister” along with other fine authors. Here is more information on the Chanticleer Hearten Book Award process. The full list of authors is here: HEARTEN SHORT LIST Making it to the Short List means that the judges saw something they liked in our books. From this point on, the competition gets a bit tougher. Book awards are a wonderful way to get feedback on the books we all worked so hard on. I want to wish all the other short-listed authors luck as we move closer to the judges’ final selections.

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